Testimonials…. What do our clients say about us?

10/17/13 – There wasn’t anything you could have done better!  The whole staff was fantastic.

10/16/13 – I was very impressed with the service provided and the facilities.  I appreciated the attention both Ruby and I received.  Thanks.

10/15/13 – Thank you for the attention to detail.  Dr. Carpenter and Jessice for all of their time with us, and answering all of our questions.  We are working with Kim now and we are very happy with her assistance.

10/16/13 – We are new to Grand Rapids and getting Chloe in for her first boarding experience at Family Friends Vet Hospital was smooth and easy.  The staff was extremely helpful! Thank you.

10/14/13 – Thank you very much for everything you did for our cat.

10/12/13 – I am very grateful for the experience on my first visit.  Honestly, I am glad that we decided to wait to get Oscar’s shots until we returned from our trip.  Mostly because I have never had a puppy before, and I have so many more questions after the first week with him. Dr. Shull was so helpful and informative on our first visit.

10/11/13 – I was very pleased in his care.  He came bouncing in the room, very happy.  I was also pleased with the grooming I asked too.  If I ever need to board him again I would return to your services.

10/10/13 – Both the groomer and your staff were very friendly when we dropped our dogs off and picked them up.  You have a very welcoming and friendly office.  Your back street parking lot was also convenient for our grooming needs.

10/10/13 – The groomer comforted ME because I was a little nervous about my cat, Lexi stressing out.  Everyone was so nice and actually thought my cat was nice.  I’ll definitely return and recommend you guys. Thank you!

10/2/13 – I was very satisfied with my decision to switch to Family Friends Vet! I was given thorough explanation of my dogs symptoms and diagnosis.

10/2/13 –  Wee is GREAT today!!! Eating like a horse, happy as can be.  Love you all for bringing my girl home to me.  Thanks again for all you have done for Wee.  It’s kind of a miracle, she was one sick little girl…

9/21/13 – It was a wonderful experience!

9/18/13 – Not sure if you could improve.  Was the nicest / friendliest vet office I have ever visited.

9/17/13 – Only good things to say.  I was from out of town at an agility trial.  Janet Lash, the trial secretary, recommended I come to you when my miniature poodle developed an eye problem suddenly.  You fit me in in a couple of hours, Dr. Carpenter was super competent and friendly, the problem was correctly diagnosed and the treatment is working.  Who could ask for more?  The tech was fine, she just didn’t know what was wrong, which required a test.

9/16/13 – Staff has been great through all our experiences – thank you!

9/16/2013 – We are so pleased with everyone.  To think a doctor takes his work home with him.  WOW!  Never in all my years with doctors has this ever happened.  Have informed family and friends of this vet hospital.  Very best in the state of Michigan!

9/15/13 – You did a beautiful grooming on my cat! His “lion” cut is perfect.

9/3/13 – Love this place! Everyone was so nice!

8/28/13 – Great grooming and friendly staff!

8/28/13 – I felt that everybody I met was great (and we met many employees!) I’ve worked in healthcare for the past 7 years and have been to multiple doctor offices.  I wish more offices gave the special attention and customer care that you gave me at your office with my dog.  I think many doctor and dentist offices could take a page from your book!  Makes me wish I could work there!  So thank you for caring and being professional.  For entertaining my “my dog is the best dog” stories.  🙂  And for being my new vet!

8/19/13 – Excellent visit!  We left our last vet because they gave us no personal attention, that was not a problem here we were treated very well!

8/16/13 – Felt very confident that our pet was in good hands and our questions were answered.  Enjoyed the visit and meeting everyone.

7/24/13 – I’ve been very impressed with your services… I will recommend your business!

7/12/2013 – Everything was handled promptly, with this being a 4th of July holiday, we were really happy with the service.

7/8/2013 – I am beyond grateful that you were able to see my pet a week early.  As new puppy owners, it’s reassuring to know that your office is there for her and us.

6/21/13 – Very personal and clean

6/13/13 – I can’t think of anything to make it better, it was by far the best experience we’ve ever had going to the vet.  We are SO glad we found you!  The level of service, professionalism, and friendliness far surpasses any other vet office we have been to before.  On a scale of 1 to awesome, I’d rate you the awesome-est!

6/5/2013 – I was COMPLETELY satisfied with everything.  Everyone was so nice and helpful.  The entire team was so welcoming.  Your vet, Dr. Henn, was easy to talk with and her concern was comforting.  Thank you to all we saw on our visit.  I would definitely recommend your center and let people know how you took your time with our dog Wrigley.  I never felt rushed.  All my questions were answered completely.

6/2/20130- I can’t think of anything to make it better.  It was by far the best experience we’ve ever had going to the vet.  We are SO glad we found you!  The level of service, professionalism, and friendliness far surpasses any other vet office we have been to before.  On a scale of 1 to awesome, I’d rate you as the awesome-est!

5/31/2013 – Very friendly!  Highly recommend you all!  My dog is the biggest baby about grooming, but now I wouldn’t bring him anywhere else.  Unfortunately it is a long drive for me, but worth it!

5/27/2013 – Very friendly!  We really enjoyed our visit.

5/25/2013 – Don’t change anything!  It’s perfect.

5/20/2013 – We were so pleased with your complete care.  Thank you for your kindness in assisting with the transition of old owner to new adoptive mom!  He is such a joy.


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